What is Chainprox?
Chainprox dashboard
Chainprox is a tokenized platform for sharing your internet connection with other users and businesses in exchange for cryptocurrency. It is the ultimate tool for taking advantage of the otherwise unused potential of networks and devices connected to them.
Using Chainprox is simple. Sellers are individuals all around the world who make their internet connections available to the sharing pool by running the Chainprox application on their desktop or mobile devices. Buyers are businesses and other individuals who configure their proxies with Chainprox to securely access web content that would have been otherwise blocked or inaccurate.
Individual buyers can unlock geo-restricted web content, publish content for a global audience, and avoid overpaying for hotels, flights, or anything else priced elastically according to geographical location. Business buyers can gather pricing intelligence, identify online reputation threats, scrape data without limits, and verify that online advertising and SEO initiatives are running as intended.

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This portal serves as a knowledge base for Chainprox. Here you can read about the team's vision as well as the platform's tokenomics, development roadmap, and functionalities.
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