For business customers
Chainprox use cases for business
Business customers use Chainprox proxy solutions primarily for:
  • Ad verification. Sophisticated hackers can put fake affiliate links, information, or viruses on your website that you cannot see via your own IP address... or sometimes even via traditional VPNs. With Chainprox proxies, you can quickly identify and stamp out this cybercrime.
  • Pricing intelligence - are other retailers offering prices to compete with yours? Or do they just want you to think that they are? Know the true prices they are showing customers by automatically viewing their storefronts with the same types of IP addresses their customers use.
  • Market research. Disinformation is a powerful competitive tool, and many web businesses show their real content to their customers and false information to other companies. Get the true story with residential proxies from Chainprox and make decisions based on facts - not what your competitors want you to see.
  • Data scraping. Information wants to be free, but web publishers are using increasingly powerful machine learning tools to block business data seekers. You can use rotating proxies from Chainprox to beat the machines and get full access to the information you need to boost your profits.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ad sellers and search engines often know your IP address, your VPN address, and how to use both to boost their profits - not yours. You can use residential proxies to get an accurate, unbiased picture of how your online marketing campaign is actually performing.
  • Brand protection. In the information economy, your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Use Chainprox proxies to protect against hijacking, malware attacks, and data theft by verifying that the rest of the world sees the version of your brand’s content you want them to.
  • Global publishing. With residential proxies from around the world, you can verify that your website is accessible from anywhere on earth. It’s access to content and websites around the world without any blockages.
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