For individual customers
Chainprox use cases for individuals
Individual customers use Chainprox primarily for:
  • Price hunting. The prices you pay should be based on fair market value, not your web browsing history or geographical location. Beat retailers’ sophisticated price discrimination algorithms and save money with the most affordable residential proxies on the market from Chainprox.
  • Geo-blockade running. Artificial web content restrictions based on the geographical location of your IP address have no place in today’s digital world. Chainprox residential proxies will give you full, fair, and affordable access to any website long after Artificial Intelligence makes traditional VPNs obsolete.
  • Travel planning. Are you sure that your computer’s data is safe when you are traveling? Or that you can view the same web content that you can at home? Public Wi-Fi networks in hotels, airports, and restaurants are prime targets for hackers. Also, your new IP address might get blocked by your favorite web publishers. Chainprox locks down your online security and frees up your access to any web content no matter where you are.
  • Digital privacy. Your IP address is like your digital ID card. With it, anyone can know your city, state, country, and internet service provider. Your full identity, credentials, and browsing history are just a few clicks away for government censors and cybercriminals. If you want to exercise your human right to full, unfiltered, and safe access to the entire web, you need Chainprox.
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