Original idea
Why we built Chainprox?
Many people want to have passive income, i.e. money earned without much effort... or even without any effort at all.
Accessing good passive income opportunities, however, is not so easy. Many require a significant upfront investment. Profitable cryptocurrency mining, for example, usually requires expensive computer equipment that will probably be obsolete in a few years.
Also, many businesses who advertise passive income opportunities are actually trying to profit on their users' lack of knowledge. That is simply not fair.
Chainprox is here to solve these challenges! We do it with what we call Proof of Proxy.
This whitepaper does not represent an offer document of any kind or financial recommendations or prospectus and is not intended to illustrate a solicitation for investment in cryptocurrencies, and the information provided shall not be considered legal, financial, business, tax, or investment advice. Please seek necessary advice from your tax advisor, your legal or any other professional advisor, or your local authorities to assist you in making your own decisions.
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