Leszek Rychlewski, Ph.D.

Leszek is a successful entrepreneur and scientist. One of the founders of BioInfoBank, a non-profit institution conducting many types of research primarily in the field of bioinformatics. Co-author of over 100 research papers. Creator of the ESC Blockchain and Co-Founder of Adshares.

Krzysztof Bochenek

CEO of Adshares, the web3 protocol for programmatic advertising. CEO of the Blockchain Society at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). Frequent author and co-author of blockchain-related research studies. Strongly committed to developing blockchain ecosystems.

Kamil Jaczewski

Head of Growth at Adshares. Previously COO of and Business Development Director in the Polish Blockchain Technology Accelerator. Member of the Blockchain and Digital Currencies board at the Ministry of Digital Affairs and Blockchain Technology Center.
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